(A CUSTOM SK Production - app running time: 65 mins)


A total of 5 amazing clips featuring one of SKW's most requested wrestlers!



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(also known as FAR BEYOND DRIVEN 5)

The stunning Sumiko makes one hell of an skwppv debut in this pro-style battle that pits her against SK in a piledriver massacre you won't soon forget! From the get-go our feisty Japanese rookie drops SK with a series of arm-wringers and a jujigitame armlock, but once SK's patented sneak-attack doubles the young fighter over, she finds herself upside down in a brutal piledriver !

One heavy slam later and Sumiko is out cold in the ring, and the one-sided affair that fans of this series have come to expect kicks in at full blast. Along with a camel clutch, rope-tie-up belly blows, leglock, stunner KO, sleeper KO, multiple suplexes, bodyscissors, surboard , and more...SK adds injury to...well...injury by delivering EIGHT head-busting piledrivers (both the pull-up AND tombstone styles) that eventually leave Sumiko completely limp on the canvas. All that's left is a final leg-hook pin and the match is over, but we have a feeling Sumiko's stardom at SKW has only just begun!

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In this amazing ring clip, Sumiko beats the living HELL out of Fantasy in a one-sided boxing battle, one that eventually turns into a wrestling match after both girls lose the gloves! Fantasy eventually turns the tables, however, trapping Sumiko in brutal holds and sending her flying with some awesome power moves.

In the end, hwoever, the lovely Sumiko reverses a tight sleeper with a massive chinbreaker, reversing the sleeper and knocking her pro mentor out for the win!

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Another brutal ring battle pits Fantasy against her student, but the pro vet takes control early, putting Sumiko through the ringer for most of the battle...until a sudden burst of blinding powder from Sumiko renders her unable to keep the advantage!

Sumiko takes control and proceeds to destroy her former friend, using everything from a flying headscissors takedown to a hardcore stump puller pain KO to finish the once-dominant Fantasy!

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We fade in on Sumiko taking a sudden jab to the face as Jackson works her into the ropes, leading us to believe that this is the tail end of a very exhausting squash! Sumiko takes a belly punch barrage as the bell rings, barely saving the Japanese beauty from a KO! What follows is a non-stop, round after round, boxing domination battle as Jackson sends continuous jabs, hooks, uppercuts, and body blows to the already-drained Sumiko. We get several KOs ...but Sumiko barely manages to survive via bell or last-minute  crawls to her feet, leading to a round that starts off with Jackson literally punching Sumiko from the victim's point of view!

As the final devastating round comes to a close, Jackson floors Sumiko with a series of blows and uppercuts , only to add a cruel  touch to her victory. Straddling the poor girl, Jackson proceeds to send 9 blows to Sumiko's face , the final one nearly KO'ing her... ...but Jackson's not done! She suddenly bursts into a 10-punch barrage across the girl's chin, basically turning Sumiko into a  boxing ragdoll. The 10th blow mercifully puts Sumiko out for good as the 10-count begins, leading to a final foot-on-neck victory pose that we're sure Sumiko won't soon forget!

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An amazing 10-count pinfall pro battle starts off with a bang as Sumiko, determined and deadly, squares off against Jackson...a veteran who's ready to teach this rookie a lesson! From the get-go we have a fast-paced fight as Jackson locks up and sends Sumiko to the mats with a headlock takedown. A quick reversal leads to a sudden neckscissors on Jackson, and Sumiko starts showing her skills via face slams to the mat , a hardcore camel clutch , multiple belly blows, a snapmare, and a long-held sleeper hold that sends Jackson to Dreamland. Sumiko goes for the confident leghok pin, but a groggy Jackson manages to kick out at 8 , leading to a sudden bearhug reversal that puts everyone's favorite dancer in control of the Asian newcomer!

Jackson attacks with a brutal boston crab, nearly bending Sumiko in half. Looking to totally destroy the rookie's back, Jackson pulls her up into a torture rack that has Sumiko begging for mercy. After a harsh drop to the mats, Jackson returns the favor with several belly attacks, a snap mare, and a giant piledriver KO that leaves Sumiko completely lifeless. Jackson goes for her own leghook pin, but the resilient Sumiko somehow manages to kick out at 9 ! Jackson, beside herself in anger, locks on a sleeper hold to finish it all, but Sumiko counters with a jawbreaker that leaves a stunned Jackson holding her chin in agony.

Sumiko, now fueled by rage, nails an amazing flying headscissors takedown that is quickly followed by a FrankenSteiner that flips Jackson like a pancake. "Okay..." the smiling rookie proclaims. "It's time to finish this..." A second later Sumiko slams Jackson into unconsciousness with a powerful X-Factor ...but Sumiko's out to make sure the final pin sticks. She picks the dizzy Jackson up and nails a picture-perfect elevated implant DDT for another KO, and then stands the destroyed dancer up for some trash-talking to the camera. Now satisfied, Sumiko lands a final STUNNER that literally flips Jackson over onto her stomach, out cold and completely still.

What's left but a 10 count pin, a victory pose, and one hell of an upset??

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