The Agony of The Feet

High-res shots from the amazing clip now available at!

Here's the synopsis!

Jackson vs Devon
(high-res shots include some cool candids!)

AAs these two SKW veterans pace the mats, the trash-talking flies, with Jackson striking first. A powerful kick to the belly precedes a DDT that weakens Devon, setting her up for a powerful neck scissors KO. A lovely and extended pin/victory pose follows...but as Jackson hoists Devon up for more, a sudden kick and stunner lays the lovely dancer out. It's now Devon's turn to go for a long pin...followed by a foot on the face victory pose! A standing neck scissors follows...but Jackson suddenly arches her body, tossing Devon off like an insect, and leaving her open for Jackson's brutal finale: A stomach-sit/double foot smother KO that sends Devon deep into La-La Land. A long pin the match ends with a lovely schoolgirl-style pin. One that can only be upstaged by Jackson's very own foot-on face vistory pose!

And stick around for some great outtakes, ladies and gents...including a special thank you from Devon to the fans for their recent aid!


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